Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meeting Harper

Jason and I had the pleasure of meeting our adorable niece, Harper, for the first time last week!

Jason's brother Josh and his wife Diana journeyed all the way to our side of the country from Texas to introduce us to their daughter, sweet little Harper Mae. Thanks guys!

(Harper laughs at Lambie)

We had a blast cruising the Pacific Northwest in their giant Grand Marquis rental car. This thing fit four adults and a car seat with no problem! We nicknamed it Dragnet because it felt like we were kickin' it cop-style. Diana was the driver extraordinaire for the whole trip. Thanks, Diana! Some of those roads were pretty hairy!

(Dragnet the super-cruiser)

First, we headed east in the Columbia River Gorge to check out Multnomah Falls and Vista House.

(Josh, Diana, Harper at Multnomah Falls)

Then we headed west to the coast to check out the Pacific Ocean. We stopped at Cannon Beach and Indian Beach (where you can see the rocks featured in the movie "Goonies" which is a favorite for all of us). This was also Harper's first ocean experience. We can't wait until she's old enough to watch Goonies and see these same rocks.

(Josh, Harper, Diana at Indian Beach with Keyhole Rock in the background)

On the last day of their visit, a few of our Hood Strawberries were ready for picking. Harper got the first one of the year!

(Diana and Uncle Jason picking strawberries with Harper)

It was so great to see family and meet the newest addition -- we can't wait until next time! We've already started our Capehaven jar ;-)

We did tons of other things so check out the slide show below to see all of our pictures from the visit.

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Diana Leilani said...

We miss you guys already. Can't for next time.