Friday, June 03, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Oh glorious sunshine!

We are experiencing some incredible weather here today -- the sun is full-on and there is not a rain cloud in sight!

Everything is SO green and flowers are blooming everywhere! It's been gray and wet for so long that all the plants are going crazy with the warm sunshine.


(unknown to me)

(Bleeding Heart Flowers)

Also, we are rabbit-sitting for the next 17 days for our neighbor, so I decided to enjoy the weather and walk over and say hi to Rabbit. Isn't he precious?!

Poor guy doesn't have a real name and I LOVE to name things so I think I'll just give him a temporary name.

Let's see...what are some names that I've liked recently? Can't think of any.

Hmmm...I really like using old men names for pets...I've already had a Meryl and a Cecil...hmmmmm...

I'VE GOT IT!! We'll call him Gus!

Everyone, say hello to Gus the rabbit!

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