Monday, June 20, 2011

Garden Update: Up, Up, and Away!!

The garden is growing like crazy!!

Here are some fresh pics from today to compare with the pictures from less than a month ago when we put the garden in.

The radishes are really bustin' out! They should be ready for Mom and Dad's visit this week. Prepare for stinky radish burps!

The carrots are still tiny, but pushing along none the less!

We have spring mix, romaine and kale in the pots and it is out of control! What the heck do you do with kale, anyway? I guess we better figure it out because we are going to have a ton of it!

The tomatoes are coming along nicely. We put the cages out last weekend.

 The green beans and snow peas are reaching high for the sky. We put out our only trellis and I think we'll need another.

The stars of the garden are, hands-down, the Hood Berries (strawberries). These guys are turning red faster than we can pick them!


Almost a whole bowl full!

I'm hoping enough berries will ripen at once so I can make a preserve or something out of them. If not, I'm just as happy eating them right out of the garden!

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Diana Leilani said...

Look at that garden grow! FYI, you can juice kale and put it in stuff like mango smoothies. SO good for you. :)