Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Perfect Purple

When the sun finally stayed out the other day, I was standing at the window and basking in the sun on my face. I was noticing the energy that I felt. I could feel my cells expanding and pulsing and vibrating. At that moment I totally understood why we can't live without sunlight.  It felt fabulous!

I'm not the only one thriving from a little sunlight. Check out this completely perfect purple tulip growing in our front yard.

I have tried to create a purple that this beautiful and multi-faceted in many of my paintings, but nothing has come as close as this flower.

I love love love how the purple changes with the sun - like oil paint does.

And how the black-purple contrasts with the lighter pastel tulips. So sweet.

 I just can't compete with nature. But then, why would I want to?

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