Thursday, May 19, 2011


Okay, so Jason and I got invited to go with some friends to the clothing-optional beach on Sauvie Island today. It's suppose to be the nicest day of the year -- 75 and sunny (maybe even 80 if we are lucky)! 

We're always up for an adventure, so off we go.

Or maybe I should say, off the clothes go.

I have to admit, it's been a long winter and although we have both lost a ton of weight over the last year, I'm a bit hesitant to bare it all. I mean, really, there are just some parts of the body that are WAY TOO SENSITIVE for direct sun exposure. (Men, I'm mainly looking at your "bag of tricks" when I make this statement.)

I went to some topless beaches in Europe and I decided "When in Rome..."

It really was not a big deal. It actually looked more ridiculous to have a bathing suit on. And then when you see an 80 year-old woman with tits that look like fried eggs sliding down the wall, your self-esteem goes through the roof and inhibitions are tossed in the pile with your bathing suit.

Besides, deep down, who doesn't want to run around bare-assed in the sun!

Count me in!

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