Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Flowers, gnomes, a cat and a dog

The tulips are really busting out around here!

It's so nice to see some color after so many months of gray days. (Even though most of the days are still gray, the color is much appreciated.)

Jason and I are going to cruise out to Woodburn this weekend to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm for their 26th Annual Tulip Festival. I saw pictures of it last year and decided it was a must-do for this year. You can check the field report here and see pictures from the current day! It's absolutely breathtaking. Fingers crossed we don't get rain!

These are the tulips I planted in our front yard. Like my little gnome? He's a happy guy. He has a pal on the other side who you can't see, but he's a happy guy too.

Derville loves hiding in his Dumbec box.

Larry the landlord's yard. His flowers are always so beautiful! What are the blue ones called? We have some growing randomly in our spice garden and I didn't realize they were ornamentals until they bloomed this year. I think we may have used them as scallions last year -- oops.

Last but not least, Clancy looking at the beautiful flowers from his window throne.

Hope you're enjoying Spring, where ever you are.

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