Friday, April 29, 2011

Doorbell, er Derville

Clancy and Derville have become such great buddies. I truly believe they communicate with each other in a special way.

One of the cutest examples of this is how Derville is like a doorbell for Clancy. Since we've gotten Derville, we've had to keep the doggie door closed except when we are letting Clancy in and out. This was a little saddening for the Pooh in the beginning, but Derville picked up the slack right away.

Check out the conversation:

Clancy: Yeah, so I'm still out here and kinda want to come back in. Do you see her anywhere? I wanna lay on her pillows. Can you get her to hurry up, please?

Derville: (In a Joe Pesci voice) No problem, Boss. I hear ya, Boss. Lemme track down the old lady and bust her balls a little and see if we can get some freaking service here! Hang on, Boss.

Derville: (Now in a whiny little kid voice) Heyyyyy. Heyyyyyyy. Meooooooow. MEOWWWWWWW. Meowm, Heyyyy Moewm, Ma, MEOOOOWMMMMMM!!! Translation: Hey, lady! The big guy wants in. He's ready to come in now, why don't you hurry up and let him in!?! Hey LADY!!! Let the big guy in!!!

Clancy: Thanks, kid. Don't be too ruff on her, though...remember she's the one that feeds you at 5am. Don't wanna mess up that sweet deal, do ya? Thanks again, Doorbell.

It's so funny how Derville voice changes. Not just his voice that I hear in my head but his real voice. He always announces when he comes in to a room with a little "meep." In the morning, at 5 am, his voice sounds like a little kid that pissed his bed and is scared to tell his mom. He comes up to my head and says "mmoooeeemmm" and I swear it sounds like he is saying mom in a timid scared voice. Freaked me out the first few times because I really expected to open my eyes to see a ghost child! And finally, he chatters at anything else that is moving. He gives the birds and the squirrels and the flies the business, for sure. He sounds very tribal using the clicks and clucks to communicate.

Funny cat, that Doorbell, er Derville of ours. We sure do love him and the Pooh!

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