Monday, April 25, 2011

Blooming or Bolting??

Can you tell which plant in the garden is blooming and which plant is bolting?

Well, the other day I noticed our rhubarb plant was starting to flower, so I did a little research to find out if I should let it bloom or cut it back.

Here's what I found:  

If plants flower when we want them to, we call it blooming. But if plants flowers when we don't want them to, we call it bolting. 

Flowering is an undesirable trait when growing rhubarb; therefore, bolting describes the event. We don't want the plant to flower because then all of the energy will go to the bloom.  We need all the energy to go the plant so we'll have big, beautiful rhubarb stalks in a few weeks.

So I cut the bloom at the bottom and put it in my kitchen window to flower! It's going to be a weird one, for sure!

So if the rhubarb is bolting, then the rosemary is blooming.

I'm really proud that the teeny tiny rosemary sprig we planted 2 years ago is getting huge and blooming like crazy! I started noticing the blooming rosemary around here a couple of years ago. They have the most beautiful powder blue/purple flowers and I had never seen that before -- or maybe just never noticed.

Now I feel like a real Oregonian with our giant blooming rosemary plant!

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bennett said...

There's an education in itself going through these photos. Blooming or bolting? Sounds like something political!