Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet Bertie

Last night Jason and I completed our Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Clinic. It was an 8 week long journey that has changed our lives forever. I could talk about the benefits of this experience all day, for days on end, but the main take-away is:  I FEEL GOOD.

I feel good and it's been a long time since I've felt good.

I like feeling good.

And I want to stay feeling good and keep mindfulness, meditation and yoga in my life forever! Jason and I are already signing up for special clinics like Yoga for Gardening, along with weekly yoga classes for the next term.

Mom will be in town next week and I'm going to take her to a gentle yoga class at the studio. I'm so excited to share this new element of my life with her!

A few months ago, I didn't even recognize myself. My name was Sarah but my heart body and mind was not Sarah. I was no longer a recognizable version of myself.

But now, by incorporating these newly learned practices for dealing with anxiety, anger, grief, depression, isolation, etc, I have found a new version of myself. A recognizable version with echoes of the old Sarah and visions of the new Sarah. Jason and I call this version Bertie.

As Bertie, I can DEAL with things now. I have confidence and courage now. I am in control. I am not my pain. I am not my grief. I am not my disappointment. I'm Bertie -- a force to be reckoned with!

My situation hasn't changed, but I have.

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