Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Goin' back to Cali

I went back to Los Angeles for work this week. I hadn't been back since we left over 2 years ago.

Thankfully, it was a very short trip. I flew into LAX  Sunday night and back to PDX Monday night after conducting an all-day software training.

It was exhausting. LA is exhausting. But I managed the entire trip without having an LA-induced meltdown!Granted, I couldn't eat a fucking thing the whole time I was there because of anxiety and general disgust with my surroundings, but I did manage to stay calm and keep breathing the whole time.

I was looking forward to the weather though. I thought the sun would feel good, but I forgot that LA has a 'dirty' sun which makes me want to crawl under a nice, cool, mossy rock.

Here's some pictures from my less-than-36-hours-in-LA trip.

Depart PDX

Arrive LAX

Sunrise in the Garment and Fashion District

Typical LA price-gouging ($33 for breakfast!)

Suited up and ready for action!

Early morning walk to the office.

777 Building on 7th and Figueroa --my old office building and where I spent the entire day -- 19th floor.

Financial District (7th and Fig)

The new LA LIVE! Ritz Carlton...with a giant Bud Light advert on the side and a helipad on top. *Classy*

This Ritz Carlton just punctuates the point so clearly (even looks like a giant exclamation point), that it's all about money in LA.

I love living in the Pacific Northwest...even when I almost puke on the plane because the take offs and landings are so rough due to tumultuous weather. (Yes, I am that person that uses the barf bag on planes. I didn't this time because I popped a Dramamine as soon as I started that just-about-to-puke-mouth-watering thing and staved it off. Sounds like every family vacation we ever took, right Mom?)

I'm so happy to be back in Portland with my hubby, my sweet animals, the snails, the moss and the rain!

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