Friday, March 25, 2011

The beauty that surrounds me

This week has been full of  love and beautiful things!

First, my kind, beautiful, wonderful, generous mother was in town and we had an amazing visit!

It felt so good to hug my mommy -- it'd been over a year -- that's WAY too long to go without a momma hug!

We took these pictures at 6am before mom and I headed to the airport. (Please ignore the bedhead and jammies :-)

Of course, she said she'd gladly take the train, but I wanted to drive her to the airport. I wasn't ready to let her go -- I wanted those extra 45 minutes with her. Traffic was light and it only took 30 minutes. Deep down I wish the freeway would have been backed up and then we would have had more time together. 

However, I am so very thankful for the time that Jason and I did get to spend with her while she was here.  Every time she visits we all learn something new about each other. It's like meeting your parent all over again, except this time they are not only a parent, but a person too!

Speaking of beautiful mothers, we have an iris bed in our front porch planter that we populated with bulbs from Jason's mother's garden in Texas. A few years ago, she painstakingly packed up all kinds of bulbs from her garden and mailed them to us. There were irises, canna, and bird of paradise.

We love our little iris garden and the beautiful memories of the beautiful mother that are stored away deep in those bulbs. I have plans to get a stone statue (something angelic) to replace the mushroom guy and make it a little memorial garden for Momma D. (Side note: these are definitely special irises and it's obvious that they were grown with tons of love because they stay green all winter and get 3 times as tall as the native Oregonian irises that our neighbors have!)

The irises do the best here, but the cannas defy all odds. They come up and bloom toward the end of the year -- I've never see cannas in other yards here. I think we have the only ones in the Northwest and they grow on love and magic!

Other beautiful things around me:

The first flowers of the year: hyacinths and tulips

Open tulip

Dew drops on hyacinth leaves

Clancy Pooh and Derville Too

Hope there's a little beauty surrounding you today!

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