Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sunshine, tulips, and vampires

We awoke to sunbeams again this morning!

(Sunrise this morning)

 There are some low lying clouds making it a little hazy, but I'm not complaining. The local forecasters say it may take months to burn of all of the moisture collected in the valley over the rainy season. Until then, it will show itself as a wispy foggish type cloud cover.

It's funny because I kind of feel like a vampire when the light comes in while I'm sleeping. At first I'm like -- hisssss -- what IS that? And then I realize it's the glorious sun beaming in on us and I jump out of bed to bask in the radiance. After so many months of waking up in the gray damp drizzle of the Northwest, I have come to understand why the people here practically lose their minds when the sun comes out -- Vitamin D overdose!

I'll admit, I find myself moving around the house with the animals, vying for a warm sunny spot to lay in. Taking off socks, pulling up pant legs, pushing up shirt sleeves, titling my face so that it catches every drop of Vitamin D raining in on me. Feeling the warmth, energy, life provided by our solar friend in the sky.

Also, these sun blasts are exactly what the plant life needed. I planted tulips and hyacinths before the first freeze so that we would have beautiful flowers to enjoy in the Spring. They're finally busting out from hibernation. Even the rose bushes in the background are starting to bud.

I planted a variety of tulips so it will be very exciting to see them all come up.

Right now, I'm so happy to see the sun and signs of life returning to our neck of the woods. (Although it seems to be at the expense of the rest of the country -- interesting how everywhere east of  New Mexico got blasted with winter weather right as we start to thaw out.)

Gotta love good ole Mother Nature - she definitely has a unique sense of humor!

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