Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Quaff - /kwäf/ Verb: Drink (something, esp. an alcoholic drink) heartily.

This term has been part of my vernacular since I could speak.


"We stopped in at Tilly's and quaffed a few cold ones."

Well, imagine my surprise when we are over at our friends and they pull out a pair of "Quaffers." Not being of Yankee descent, they pronounced it kwAY-fer. It wasn't until I saw the inscription on the bottom that I made the connection.

Ah ha! These are the tools with which a person properly "quaffs."

In this case, we put cola in the bottom reservoir and rum in the the top.

Jason and T quaffed a few. They said that right when the rum starts to feel like too much...here comes the cola! Take the whole thing in one quaff and you're golden!

And now I have a richer understanding of the act of quaffing.

However, I'm not sure how these things would hold up to a cold beer - guess we just have to keep guzzling (the less sophisticated cousin of quaffing).

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