Thursday, February 03, 2011

Mindfully starting the day

Started the day with an early morning mindful meditation practice - 30 minute body scan. Listening to the brass bowl bong and calm voice leading meditation. Checking in on toes and checking out on everyday woes. Moving up the left leg - hey there shin bone, doing okay today? Nice. Breathe. Notice temperature of the air as it passes through the nostrils - cold, dry. In and out, rise and fall. Checking in now with eyes, ears, teeth - kindly acknowledging and dismissing distractions as they present themselves. Got an itch - wait a few seconds - don't react so quick. Live life this way. Brass bowl bongs again. Stir a little and start the day.

Opened the front curtains to see this -

Like lava being poured.

What a great way to start the day!

Here are some pictures from yesterday. I took Derville for a walk in the backyard. He's been watching Clancy go outside for awhile now and was getting jealous. He was literally mad-dogging Clancy and I through the front window when we got back from a walk the other day.

So we got a tiny harness and a little leash for him. He tolerates the harness and loves to go outside. We think he's too young to roam around free outside so we're going to do the leash thing for now. The ultimate goal is to be able to tether him to the small maple tree in the backyard while we are outside this summer working in the garden.

He's off to a good start and Clancy is being a great big brother and fabulous role model.

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