Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Distortion and Clarity

With the impending Spring bloom upon us, I've been craving fresh flowers and bright colors, so I sat down the other day and painted a bouquet for myself.

I've been using a new technique for painting recently and I think it's pretty unique (read: I made it up to suit my purpose and I don't care if it's right or wrong).

I use water soluble oil pastel crayons, 140# textured watercolor paper, (cheap)brushes and water.

I use the crayons to draw outlines and lay down a fill color. After I scribble the crayon over the area I want to paint, I dip a brush in water and start to "scrub" over the crayon.

This spreads out the color and allows me to create different shades by adjusting the amount of water and the amount of scrubbing. (Note: using cheap brushes comes in handy here because the scrubbing will destroy your bristles. So if you plan to use the brush at another time for fine lines and definition - forget about it.)

Then, I continue to create elements in the painting by drawing directly on the paper with the oil pastel crayons -- scrubbing over them with a wet brush to clarify and distort the lines -- mixing the colors together.

Blurring the lines of where one thing leaves off and another begins (like life).

Beauty through distortion and clarity.

(My assistant)

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