Friday, February 25, 2011

Cat in the Box

So we've had Derville for a few months now and since this is my first experience having a cat, I wanted to capture a few of my observations and tell one hilarious story.


I get up earlier everyday now than I have before. Every morning around 4:30 or 5am I feel a little booomp (cat jumping on bed) and then deet de deee dee dooo (cat walking up my back) and them buuuunmfph (furry cat face smash into my face). This means "Feed me or I will EAT you!"

That cat makes me laugh. He does some of the silliest, nibbly-bimbly shit I've ever seen. He can play with a piece of spinach for hours -- batting it around like it needs to be taught a lesson! He also loves anything tiny like miniature dinosaurs, tiny post it note pads, magnet refrigerator numbers, etc.

He loves to lick my toes...and then bite my ankle like a starving raptor. Both sensations are pretty unpleasant so I'm sure to keep bare feet under wraps.

My favorite cat toy is the stick with the shiny-jingly thing hanging on the end of a string. I spin it real fast and the cat's head spins around like some shit from The Exorcist, then he launches his entire body in the air trying to catch it, misses and lands on the linoleum, sliding head-first into the refrigerator.

Derville and Clancy love each other and the love to play. They are especially rambunctious when Jason gets home because they want to show off for the Big Dog. They race and chase up and down the hallway. Derville jumps on Clancy's neck as he's running and then rides on his back. It looks like a pet rodeo version of the barrel pickup!

Hilarious story:

We were getting ready for bed last night -- doing the animal roundup. We couldn't find Derville so we shook his jingle toy all around the house. This usually brings him out from wherever he's hiding, but not this time. Then I remember that when I was getting a blanket out of the hall closet earlier (like an hour earlier), Derville had snuck into the closet. (He does this all the time so sometimes I remember to get him out, sometimes I try to teach him a lesson and leave him in until he meows to be let out, this time I totally forgot about him being in there.)

So I say "Oh, hey check the hall closet."

I hear the door knob turn.


Turns out Derville was in the closet and had climbed up to the shelf that is face-level. This is also the shelf with all the miscellaneous first aid stuff and tons of other crap.

According to Jason, as soon as he opened the closet door, Derville sprung out at him like an insane, tightly wound Cat in the Box directly at his face! He said all he could see was fur, claws, and eyeballs along with all of the contents of the shelf flying at him explosion style. Luckily, as soon as the cat saw Jason, he changed his trajectory mid-flight and didn't even lay a paw on Jason. Poor Jason almost "soiled his linens" when he saw the crazy cheetah-monkey cat flying at his face.

I was already in bed, listening to this whole thing unfold. I laughed really hard and it felt good.

I'm so glad we have this merry prankster addition to our little furry family!

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