Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Birthday Snow Globe

I got a snow globe for my birthday.

Not the normal paperweight type snow globe -- but a real snow globe and we were inside of it.

We pulled the curtains this morning and saw snow.

Not normal snow. Big fat snow fluffs.

Like bad Hollywood effects.

Like snow created by a PA who spent his whole life in the Valley and has never actually seen snow.

Poly-fill falling from the sky into my delicate tulips.

Our house has huge east-facing windows --

and a sliding back door directly behind looking into the backyard --

so when it snows, it feels like being inside a snow globe, which is an unusual experience.

The snow is pretty much gone now, but it's still my birthday.

My lived-years number is 33. I'm convinced I've been miscalculated.

I believe my life-years number is at least 1000.

My physical-years number must be closer to 20-something. (This is based on the fact that I still get carded every time I order/purchase alcohol and also, that I don't feel 30-something.)

So yes, I believe I have been miscalculated, which makes my birthdays seem paradoxical --  because they never really feel age-appropriate.


I'm going to have to meditate on this because I think I just blew my own mind!

(I'm reading this book again and loving it in whole new ways. It's definitely a birthday special for me.)

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Diana Leilani said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!