Thursday, December 23, 2010

When the world slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry walls

We just watched Get Him to the Greek last night and I laughed harder than I have in a long-ass time.

I laughed a laugh that I hadn't heard for so long, I didn't even recognize it as my own.

So yesterday I just stroked the furry walls and chilled out a little.

Because I get a little crazy, especially around the holidays. (I really hate that caveat "especially around the holidays" when used like this, "It's terrible that their house burnt down and they lost everything, especially around the holidays." No. It's just goddam sad and terrible that the house burnt down. PERIOD. However, I can get into using it as an excuse for being an insane, melodramatic, emotional wreck, you know, especially around the holidays ;-)

Off track again, sorry. (Stroke the furry walls, Sarah, just stroke the furry walls.)

Ahhhh. Much better.

So, I was digging through my craft stuff recently and found leftover quilt squares from the quilt Jason and I made when our third nephew was born in 2007. As with the first two nephews, I grossly miscalculated the quilt material and ended up with enough squares for extra quilts. With the twins, I made them each a quilt and had enough leftover to make one for my mom. With the third nephew's quilt, we had enough leftover to make Jason's mom a quilt and then still had more left after that.

So yesterday I surveyed the leftover squares, extra fabric and batting and realized I had enough to make a another small quilt!

But this one isn't going anywhere. I made it for Jason. Because it reminds him of his mom. And he needs a blankie (we all do!).

Here's what I've had sitting around for several years just waiting to be put to use:

So I did the best with what was left (there are a two very weird squares that I  made from scraps).

I can't believe how fast it went with all the squares made! initially, it took us weeks to make all the "quiltlettes." But now, with the squares already made, it only took me an hour to sew them together! Another hour to snip/fray the edges.

I washed it a few times to get the full ragtime effect and had it ready when my sweet hubby sat down at the end of a long day. (Bad hair day and green eyebrow = no head in picture, sorry.)

He was so surprised and happy -- he slept with it all night. It was very cute.

It's really interesting to me how colors can evoke so much emotion and recollection. Like an analogue wave of memories attached to rays of refracting light. 

To me, images of the human form are very static. Those types of pictures only evoke in me a vision or recollection of that exact moment in time. Not the before or after associated with that moment -- just that moment stopped in time. Therefore, pictures of people don't do much for me.

But colors! Wow!

When I look at this quilt the colors and patterns remind me of so many things:

The news of a new nephew.
Jason and I toiling away together making the quilts in L.A.
Jason learning to use the sewing machine and enjoying it.
The excitement when we realized we had enough left to make a quilt for Donna.
Presenting the quilts and seeing big smiles all around.
Our mothers comfortably covered with colorful quilts made by our hands.
The quilt in the bed with all of us during the dark days on the hill.

But most of all, love.

It reminds me of absolute, pure, comforting love.

And that is why my art focuses more on mixtures of color than recreating human form. The colors are comforting to me and when I look around at them I feel surrounded with love.

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Anonymous said...

And I feel that love everytime my quilt surrounds me. MOM