Monday, December 13, 2010

Leonard Cohen: Live in Portland

Leonard Cohen Unified Heart Touring Co. 2010
Rose Garden Arena, Theater of the Clouds
Portland, Oregon. December 8, 2010

And we were there!!

Over two years ago, our good friend  Dickhaut in Texas, told us that Leonard Cohen was going on tour. "I'm getting tickets! You guys should too!"

Jason and I were so excited by the news, we jumped online and found the closest show to us -- in Seattle -- on a weeknight. No dice.

We cooked, fried, sauteed, fricasseed the books - to no avail.

We couldn't afford to go.

Rent and food are more important, we told ourselves.

Be realistic, we told ourselves.

We'll NEVER see Leonard Cohen in concert, we told ourselves. And we believed it.

Until one dark day in August, when our hope (for anything) was lower than our spirits, Jason gets an email confirming two tickets to see Leonard Cohen in Portland in December.


Our sweet, generous, kind, thoughtful mother had found and bought the tickets for us as a surprise. Actually they were for Jason (that's what she said when I told her thanks 100 times).

As silly as it may sound, this gift was the beacon of light that led us through the second half of this miserable year.

The concert was amazing. I cried. I laughed. I went into a meditative trance.

It was like a room full of Buddhists sitting quietly, swaying to the beautiful colors and sounds and instruments. (There was an electric oboe thing with strings!!! I've never seen such a beautiful instrument.)

Jason and I agree that this was by far, hands-down, THE.BEST.CONCERT.EVER. (And collectively, we've seen all the big shows, so that's saying a lot!)

Here is a slide show of pictures we took during the concert (cameras were allowed):

Thank you to our dearest little midget-mama.

I'm really not sure how we would have finished the year without that beacon.

But with it, we are both re-fueled. Filled up again.

Not necessarily filled up with happiness, but with the comfort that Leonard sings of when he reminds us, "There is a crack in everything, and that's where the light gets in."

We're still waiting for the light to get in. But we know it will come.

Because good things come to those who wait (getting to see Leonard in concert after resigning to the fact of never seeing him is a prime example).


Josh Berthume said...

I'm so glad you guys got to see him. It is probably my favorite concert ever, too.

Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure to have found the PERFECT gift. I knew it the minute I surfed upon news of the tour and EUREKA found he was performing in still available. It was meant to be. Yes, the gift was for Jason, but I did send 2 tickets. Love you.