Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Get Him to the Greek is my new favorite movie

I just can't get enough of this movie and the songs!

It's my kind of humor -- set to rockin music! I'm gonna have to buy the soundtrack.

Here are my latest favorite two songs.

Going Up by Infant Sorrow

I woke up singing Going Down this morning.

Like water through a drain, I'm spinning down, down, down
Like the needle in my vein, You're bringing me down, down, down
Like a dog who's gone insane,
You're putting me down, down, down

And those of you who doubted me,
Are going down, down, down
And the record man who never called,
Can you hear what's going on?

I'm coming up
I'm coming up
I'm coming up
I'm coming up

And the world ain't gonna catch me going down
Then this other song is just hilarious -- Bangers Beans and Mash (call and come home) by Infant Sorrow

So if you could use a little laugh, check out these songs -- they're silly but catchy as hell.

Note - It's been weeks since we've seen the sun, which may attribute to the darkness of recent posts and focus on movies and music.

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