Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dog's Life

jDog's Life
(written Spring 2005)

I wish I had a dog's life.
Not a care in the world.
No inhibitions.
No social fears or commitments.
No anxiety about money or life.
Just living to be loved.
Plain and simple.
A scratch on the head is good stuff to a dog and a scratch on the ass is what life is made of.
Always happy to see me.
Never mad at me for more than a second.
Never bringing up shit that hurts to think about.
Only trying to convey, without words, his unconditional love for me.
In return, I take care of him like I would my own child.
He has no worries - except maybe that I won't come back from the store.

What a simple life?
No puzzle here.

He lives to love, be loved and share life.
His purpose is simple - love all that surrounds him and enjoy a late Spring day in the park with me.
Even though I forgot the water - he won't hound me, he will only love me.

Will I ever be able to boil it down to such simplicity in my life?

Why must I complicate things so much?

Why is my brain so fucking hyper-active?

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