Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Garden Roundup

Well, the summer was off to a cold and rainy start when we put the garden in back in April. But in just the last few weeks everything has really started to look great.

It's so difficult to do garden updates because as soon as I take the pictures, something new is popping up. Seriously, I looked at the cucumbers that we planted in the tires one morning - no sign of growth. Checked again that afternoon and I could actually watch the sprouts push back the earth and push through.

Gardening is an amazing thing.

Here are pictures from the garden this morning:

Cucumber tires

Tomatoes, beets, parsnips, green beans
(Already harvested lettuce and snow peas)

Rhubarb (second round), strawberries, spices, onions

One messed-up blooming onion

Acorn squash transplants from Larry

Tomatoes and green beans

I've uploaded this album with the other 190 pictures! teeheeheee!


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