Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dance of the Dandelions

It's funny how there are things in our lives that we've always known and think of as absolute truths. Then something presents itself that makes us look closer and reconsider the concept of "absolute truth."

Exhibit A: Dandelions
Dandelions are present in some of my earliest memories. I remember running around, pulling the short little yellow flowers out of the ground and thrusting it under the chin to check butter levels (if your neck reflects yellow, you eat lots of butter). Okay, the butter test was never considered a truth to me, but the fact that the dandelions were always short and close to the ground was as inherent as breathing.

Now I see this.

Everyday in the summer from mid-morning to early afternoon, the dandelions stretch to the sun covering the entire yard in a yellow frenzy. We've let them get over 2 feet tall before!

If you would have told me about this two years ago, I would have laughed, "Dandelions don't grow like that!" But now, I guess I'll add that to the all-the-shit-I-thought-I-knew-but-really-had-no-idea-about list.

Funny how that list gets longer as I get older.

I really thought it would work the other way.

Add that one to the list, as well!

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