Monday, August 09, 2010

Arabian Treasures

As I've mentioned before, my brother and his family are currently living in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Well, last month my parents went to visit for a couple of weeks and sent me quick updates while they were gone.

Here are some of my favorite bits from the updates:

My clothing screams Arkansas hillbilly, my [grey] hair is one of the natural wonders of the Arabic world. (Mom)
The traditional dress has me mesmerized. There is so much about this culture I would like to know. Not sure I would like it once I found out, but am very interested. Women are treated like Queens and objects at the same time. They have everything money can buy, except a public relationship with their husband. Don't know what goes on at home though. (Mom)
Andy and I are golfing in the morning (105 degrees) then it's pretty much all over but the traveling (28 hrs). We leave A.D. At 2:30a Sat morning and arrive in Texarkana at 8:30p! Hard telling how many time zones we cross. (Dad)
I think it's wonderful that they got to see a glimpse into the crazy/exciting experience my brother and his family are having.

I also think it's wonderful that a package arrived for me today loaded with beautiful pillows, fabrics, and a wall hanging from Abu Dhabi.

Treasures travelling from the Arabian Peninsula to Oregon via Arkansas with love. 

Wall hanging:

closer pictures of the details


Fabric (all 3 together):


This fabric is like nothing I've seen before!

Each run or length (several yards) has an extra amount of fabric in a different pattern for the blouse. That's what the "with blouse" tags mean.

It's mind-boggling to see how the pattern just changes into something completely different.

Treasures from other worlds make for happy Mondays!

Thanks for goodies, Mom and Dad! I love 'em!

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Diana Leilani said...

Those are amazing textiles! Count me jealous! :)