Friday, June 18, 2010

Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands

Titled after a Bob Dylan song, Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands is my most recent painting.

I haven't really painted much since we have lived in Oregon, not sure why, but I felt it was time to use that last canvas that has been sitting around for about a year.

I started the painting while waiting for news on the health of a dear family member as a way to distract myself, as well as express the waves of emotions that were washing over me.

This was how it started out.

The news I was waiting for was not good.

The painting remained this way for several weeks.

This past weekend, I decided to finish it up.

There is a lot of blue in me that needs to get out.

The painting took on a life of its own (like they all usually do).

I was just following along and trying to adjust accordingly.

Kinda like life, eh?

My initial idea was to create a moon-like object being swallowed by a wave crashing on the cliffs and sand.

But this just wasn't quite right so I kept painting.

As I merged the moon into the waves, I realized that the wave looked more like a shroud or veil with an eye peaking through so I followed that idea.

Once I put on the finishing touches and walked away, I noticed that the eye looked so very sad and the tide pools looked like trembling, puffy, pouty lips.

Like a sad eyed lady from the lowlands.

Like me.

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