Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Garden Update - First Harvest

The garden is doing fabulously!! We were lucky enough to have our first fresh veggies last night for dinner. The lettuce, spinach, and spring mix has been growing like crazy and we happened to be low on greens so it seemed like the perfect time to dig into the garden.

Here's a picture from the day we put the garden in about a month ago.

Here's a picture of how it looked last night.

As you can see, everything is chugging right along. The greens are doing exceptionally well. We're hoping to replant that section a few times over the summer since they have such a short growth cycle.

Harvesting spinach...

Harvesting spring mix...

We've figured out that we have 6 heads each of spinach, romaine, and spring mix. If we harvest them 1 at a time, we could possibly make this round last for a couple of weeks and replace them with starts as we harvest.

The parsnips finally started to sprout, so now everything that we planted is coming up or out!

Hooray for the two days of sun we had this past weekend!

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Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh, it is so satisfying to eat what's grown by your own hand.