Monday, May 03, 2010

Down on Our Own Shield

As you may or may not know, Jason and I are huge fans of Bob Dylan. As I mentioned in a previous post, we got married in our Bob Dylan t-shirts.

So when his son, Jakob Dylan, recently put out his second solo album, we had to give it a spin! We were a little wary it would be like his Wallflowers album (which wasn't bad, but it wasn't Dylan-esque either).

However, for "Women + Country" Jakob wrote all the songs and lyrics, T-Bone Burnett produced it, and Neko Case provides backup vocals = The.Perfect.Combination.

It seems like Jakob is falling into his father's footsteps. Just look at his album cover compared to Bob's "Nashville Skyline" album cover.

Spittin' image if I ever saw one!!!

"Nashville Skyline" by Bob Dylan (1969)

"Women + Country" has been on permanent repeat in our house since we bought it. The songs are simple but beautiful and touching. Jason immediately pulled out his guitar and started playing along. He does an awesome rendition of "Nothing but the Whole Wide World". My fave is "Down on Our Own Shield." I think Jakob does a great job of capturing our relentless struggle against the world and never giving in or giving up. Here are the lyrics:

Down on Our Own Shield
It's a struggle, it's a shame
It's all give and no take
Whatever, it is now, it's right up to our waist
It's a pity, it's a shame to see it all slip away
I've seen you worried babe, but never this way
We hold our ground, we don't kneel
If we go down we go
Down on our own shield

It's a river of tears
And we're in over our ears
In the dark it rides off with our better years
It's a bottomless well
It's a little overkill
It's the end of a dragon's tail
That's whipping round our heels
But we don't bow, we make no deals
If we go down we go
Down on our own shield

In this corner ladies and gentlemen
Weighing in, all along my love for her is strong
We scaled pillars to be here tonight
It's not the kind of trick you get to pull twice

It's an ambush girl
A cold-blooded low down dirty world
See them yellow lanterns walk
A circle around our bit of earth
It's a turn for the worse
It's off with their heads if they don't learn

We do this over their dead bodies
Before it's over mine or yours
We don't beg for mercy dear
If we go down we go
Down on our own shield

I suggest you go check it out!!

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Jason said...

This album shimmies to life at first note. He's giving his old man a run for his money. Bout time. Always wanted to like Jakob's work but just couldn't get into. That's all changed now. I'll want to hear everything he does from here on out. His lyrical ability is that of a lost poet who finally stumbles out of the woods back into civilization to tell his story. He makes me want to be a better player. We can't wait to find what's next in his progression.