Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

Well, it's April.

It's still cold.

It's pretty funny, though, because the weather was so beautiful all February that we thought we would be getting an early Spring. Psshhawww! Now, I just hope Summer comes. I've heard that the worst thing that could happen here is that Summer will never come. We could end up in a Fall/Spring/Winter quagmire with NO SUMMER AT ALL!! Coming from the blazing hot South, where we didn't have a real winter or two, but never Summer -- I just can't even imagine such a thing!

For now, we are just trying to stay warm and convince ourselves that the "sun will come out tomorrow." But I wouldn't bet my bottom dollar! (a little Annie humor, ha!)

Fortunately, friends and family have been the perfect tonic to warm our hearts.

We hang out with Krissy and Dread at least once a week. They're really good pals to us! Just look at the giant schnozz on that guy!

My mom was here in February for my birthday! It was the best present ever!

Then she brought dad back with her in March. They also brought a little sun with them. We were actually able to have some beers and reubens outside!

Then our bestest buddy and mentor, Bennett, came out to visit us from L.A. We took him on our usual Columbia River Gorge tour. I think he enjoyed the change from the big city hustle and bustle. I mean, really, how often do you get the chance to just sit, think and contemplate life in L.A.?

Never, that's how often!

Rooster Rock Park on the Columbia River.

Multnomah Falls

Then, my friend and colleague, Kimberly and I celebrated her birthday down by the river after work. Little did I know that we were going to the corporate watering hole...just can't seem to get away from it! But we had a great time and didn't run into any co-workers...must do that again!

You may have noticed in our pictures, that flannel is our fabric of choice these days. Even the Pooh has staked his claim on this one that was a hand-me-down from Jason to me and now to Clancy.

So dear friends and family, thank you for helping to fight off the frost that threatens to freeze our souls.

We may have cold hands, but we definitely have warm hearts!

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Terry said...

Seeing you made my Spring. Love the pictures at Goose Hollow.