Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thirty Two and Fat Tuesday

Hello glorious, beautiful, exciting day!!

Today is Fat Tuesday and my 32nd birthday! This hasn't happened since my 21st birthday, which was pretty cool timing. I wonder if it will be every 11 years from now on like 43, 54, and so on...?

We have spontaneously planned a great day. Meaning, we didn't make any plans until yesterday and now it's in full effect.

Jason's out right now taking care of phase 1: breakfast and mimosas

Then, we are going to head out even West-er and spend the afternoon at the beach. Or maybe I should say the "ocean." It's not like the Gulf of Mexico where you can spend your February birthday in a bathing suit in the sun on the beach (which I have fond birthday memories of also). Oh birthday at the beach, I love you. Sunny or raining or cloudy and cold, your almighty power recharges me!

First stop, get galoshes so we can stomp around in that big ole puddle otherwise known as the Pacific Ocean. Such a powerful ocean. It's funny how oceans have their own personality. The Gulf is calm and meek while the Pacific is loud and pounding but comforting at the same time.

Then afternoon at Mo's right on the beach. I hope they are having a Fat Tuesday party. That would be awesome to hang out with the locals!

Well, the breakfast and mimosas just walked in the door, so I'm off!

Doin the "I'm a Lucky Lady Dance" the whole way!

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