Monday, February 22, 2010

Good News!!!

February is the month that all of the year-end recognition and financial decisions are made at my work.

Last year it was grim times. No recognition, no raise, no promotions due to the failing economy.

So I've been holding my breath for the entire month/year to see how things would pan out.

Drumroll please......

Bonus: YES!!
Raise: YES!!
Promo: NO (but there is light at the end of the tunnel now)

Here is me on the phone telling Jason the good news.

The toughest part about this process is that all we, as underlings, know is that decisions will be made by March 1 but we don't know exactly when the verdict will drickle down from the "powers that be." So it's a very stressful time. Then one day (today), I get the dreaded, "Sarah can you come into my office for a minute?" which around here is the kiss-of-death phrase.

But not today!!!!!

It was GOOD news today!!

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Jason said...

Hooooooooray! You deserve it baby!