Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Get Him to the Greek is my new favorite movie

I just can't get enough of this movie and the songs!

It's my kind of humor -- set to rockin music! I'm gonna have to buy the soundtrack.

Here are my latest favorite two songs.

Going Up by Infant Sorrow

I woke up singing Going Down this morning.

Like water through a drain, I'm spinning down, down, down
Like the needle in my vein, You're bringing me down, down, down
Like a dog who's gone insane,
You're putting me down, down, down

And those of you who doubted me,
Are going down, down, down
And the record man who never called,
Can you hear what's going on?

I'm coming up
I'm coming up
I'm coming up
I'm coming up

And the world ain't gonna catch me going down
Then this other song is just hilarious -- Bangers Beans and Mash (call and come home) by Infant Sorrow

So if you could use a little laugh, check out these songs -- they're silly but catchy as hell.

Note - It's been weeks since we've seen the sun, which may attribute to the darkness of recent posts and focus on movies and music.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

When the world slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry walls

We just watched Get Him to the Greek last night and I laughed harder than I have in a long-ass time.

I laughed a laugh that I hadn't heard for so long, I didn't even recognize it as my own.

So yesterday I just stroked the furry walls and chilled out a little.

Because I get a little crazy, especially around the holidays. (I really hate that caveat "especially around the holidays" when used like this, "It's terrible that their house burnt down and they lost everything, especially around the holidays." No. It's just goddam sad and terrible that the house burnt down. PERIOD. However, I can get into using it as an excuse for being an insane, melodramatic, emotional wreck, you know, especially around the holidays ;-)

Off track again, sorry. (Stroke the furry walls, Sarah, just stroke the furry walls.)

Ahhhh. Much better.

So, I was digging through my craft stuff recently and found leftover quilt squares from the quilt Jason and I made when our third nephew was born in 2007. As with the first two nephews, I grossly miscalculated the quilt material and ended up with enough squares for extra quilts. With the twins, I made them each a quilt and had enough leftover to make one for my mom. With the third nephew's quilt, we had enough leftover to make Jason's mom a quilt and then still had more left after that.

So yesterday I surveyed the leftover squares, extra fabric and batting and realized I had enough to make a another small quilt!

But this one isn't going anywhere. I made it for Jason. Because it reminds him of his mom. And he needs a blankie (we all do!).

Here's what I've had sitting around for several years just waiting to be put to use:

So I did the best with what was left (there are a two very weird squares that I  made from scraps).

I can't believe how fast it went with all the squares made! initially, it took us weeks to make all the "quiltlettes." But now, with the squares already made, it only took me an hour to sew them together! Another hour to snip/fray the edges.

I washed it a few times to get the full ragtime effect and had it ready when my sweet hubby sat down at the end of a long day. (Bad hair day and green eyebrow = no head in picture, sorry.)

He was so surprised and happy -- he slept with it all night. It was very cute.

It's really interesting to me how colors can evoke so much emotion and recollection. Like an analogue wave of memories attached to rays of refracting light. 

To me, images of the human form are very static. Those types of pictures only evoke in me a vision or recollection of that exact moment in time. Not the before or after associated with that moment -- just that moment stopped in time. Therefore, pictures of people don't do much for me.

But colors! Wow!

When I look at this quilt the colors and patterns remind me of so many things:

The news of a new nephew.
Jason and I toiling away together making the quilts in L.A.
Jason learning to use the sewing machine and enjoying it.
The excitement when we realized we had enough left to make a quilt for Donna.
Presenting the quilts and seeing big smiles all around.
Our mothers comfortably covered with colorful quilts made by our hands.
The quilt in the bed with all of us during the dark days on the hill.

But most of all, love.

It reminds me of absolute, pure, comforting love.

And that is why my art focuses more on mixtures of color than recreating human form. The colors are comforting to me and when I look around at them I feel surrounded with love.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New skin for the old Sarah-mony

The end of the year always seems like a good time to get a fresh start.

So I asked my friend Elena to cut about three years off of my hair.


Cut off the death and sadness.
Cut off the isolation.
Cut off the abuse of Los Angeles.
Cut off the last traces of Texas.

Color my hair so that my eyes shine again.

This was my Christmas. An act of kindness from a loved one, shared with loved ones, reciprocated by a loved one.

I've never understood why Christmas day should be any different than the rest of the year.

Why do these illusions and disillusions have to be celebrated on designated days? Why can't kindness and human civility happen on any or all days of the year? Why does it have to be scheduled into the calender?

It feels something like this to me:

January through Thanksgiving -- go ahead and be an asshole -- you can make it up during the holidays!

Thanksgiving through Christmas -- time to act right and be nice to the ones you say you love. Give 'em a call -- five minutes of small talk will wipe it all away and YOU won't feel so guilty.

Because it's all about you, isn't it?

Well, I got news for you -- one phone call on the most busy and confusing day of the year won't make up for being a douche bag the other 364 days of the year.

Does anyone even know what Christmas stands for these days except CONSUME?

What the hell are we celebrating anyway?

What means what to whom.

Celebrate the birth of Christ? Christian.

Celebrate Santa? Pagan.

Celebrate both? Confused hypocrite.

Celebrate Christmas but don't actually believe in any of it? Overstimulated dipshit consumer duped by the incessant advertising that is piped into our brains every time we open our eyes or ears.

Don't celebrate any of it and try to avoid the consumerism? Get called a Jehovah's Witness.

But then again, ya know what?

Don't think twice, it's alright.

Have a happy holiday -- whatever the fuck that means to you.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Leonard Cohen: Live in Portland

Leonard Cohen Unified Heart Touring Co. 2010
Rose Garden Arena, Theater of the Clouds
Portland, Oregon. December 8, 2010

And we were there!!

Over two years ago, our good friend  Dickhaut in Texas, told us that Leonard Cohen was going on tour. "I'm getting tickets! You guys should too!"

Jason and I were so excited by the news, we jumped online and found the closest show to us -- in Seattle -- on a weeknight. No dice.

We cooked, fried, sauteed, fricasseed the books - to no avail.

We couldn't afford to go.

Rent and food are more important, we told ourselves.

Be realistic, we told ourselves.

We'll NEVER see Leonard Cohen in concert, we told ourselves. And we believed it.

Until one dark day in August, when our hope (for anything) was lower than our spirits, Jason gets an email confirming two tickets to see Leonard Cohen in Portland in December.


Our sweet, generous, kind, thoughtful mother had found and bought the tickets for us as a surprise. Actually they were for Jason (that's what she said when I told her thanks 100 times).

As silly as it may sound, this gift was the beacon of light that led us through the second half of this miserable year.

The concert was amazing. I cried. I laughed. I went into a meditative trance.

It was like a room full of Buddhists sitting quietly, swaying to the beautiful colors and sounds and instruments. (There was an electric oboe thing with strings!!! I've never seen such a beautiful instrument.)

Jason and I agree that this was by far, hands-down, THE.BEST.CONCERT.EVER. (And collectively, we've seen all the big shows, so that's saying a lot!)

Here is a slide show of pictures we took during the concert (cameras were allowed):

Thank you to our dearest little midget-mama.

I'm really not sure how we would have finished the year without that beacon.

But with it, we are both re-fueled. Filled up again.

Not necessarily filled up with happiness, but with the comfort that Leonard sings of when he reminds us, "There is a crack in everything, and that's where the light gets in."

We're still waiting for the light to get in. But we know it will come.

Because good things come to those who wait (getting to see Leonard in concert after resigning to the fact of never seeing him is a prime example).

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Life in, Life out

I'm sitting in the main lobby of the Hospital. Waiting.

These days, hospitals are hard for me to handle.

Luckily, I'm here for work and not for "pleasure."

As I sit here, waiting for my next meeting, listening to Bob Marley and all my other faves, I look around at all the others. Waiting.

Too bad they aren't here for work too.

I can't help but to look around and think about each person or group's "story."

Right now, there is a huge family waiting for the patriarch to have surgery.

When they first checked in, the whole family wasn't here yet and the wife left husband and daughter to look for crackers. "Don't let them call your name while I'm gone!" she demands as she searches for the starches.

One minute later, the nurse calls his name. His young daughter is left by herself while nurse takes Dad for "just a minute."

Daughter looks scared - like she shouldn't have "let them call his name."

He's back before his wife knows he was gone. Pheww.

An hour later, 10 of them are waiting. Trying to be jovial. No one speaks of the imminent. Nervously shifting from sit to stand.

Lots of grave faces painted with smiles in that group. I hope it goes well.

Another lady has read at least 500 pages of a giant book that looks like an unabridged dictionary since I've been sitting here. Now she's doing crosswords with a pen. (Did you know Confucius does his crosswords with a pen?)

Reading lady is definitely waiting. I hope it goes well for her too.

If I thought it would help, I would pray for these people. But I have a hard time believing that a third-party administrator for my kind thoughts and well wishes is an efficient or effective solution.

Patriarch is being called now. He has to choose one person to take with him and has to hug the rest goodbye and leave them behind. Nurse directs family to other family waiting room. Waiting.

The hugs are starting. Goodbyes and good lucks ring through the lobby.

"Don't you get lost, come back to me, you hear!"

They are all gone now.

The patriarch.

The family.

The reading lady.


And another round of waiting has begun. In the lobby and in the lives of the wait-ers.

What a fucked up way to spend a morning.

Watching the stoicism, the strength, the fear, the love, the uncertainty of Life.

Life in, Life out.

Please just put me on a hill with a nice view, under a cozy tree, overlooking a babbling brook when it's my time to wait.

Hospitals give me the creeps.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Auburn Tigers win the Iron Bowl!!




That was an incredible game! 

Auburn comes back from 0-24 and wins 28-27 against BAMA in the Iron Bowl AT BAMA!!!

This is fucking amazing!

I'm doing all the school chants here in Oregon! Shaking my orange and blue shakers!

"It's great to be an Auburn Tiger, say it's great to be an Auburn Tiger!!!"

“Boda Getta
Boda Getta
Boda Getta Bah
Rah, Rah, Rah
Sis Boom Bah
Wegl, Wegl
Kick ‘em in the butt Big Blue – HEY!”

Here's a great video from the "loveliest village on the Plains", Auburn Alabama 

Go Auburn Tigers!

Now let's see if the Ducks win tonight! How cool would it be for my alma mater and my new home team to duke it out for the BCS Championship!?!

I'd be a winner either way!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hooker with a Penis

I've been thinking a lot lately about personal freedom.

We all see things differently and feel things differently -- but what makes one's personal choices (freedoms) superior to others'?  Where does this sense of entitlement come from? Why do some people think if you don't agree with their position that you are wrong? Why can't we just be different?

"My right is my right, like my life is my life. All I have is my life." (Bob Marley)

Personal freedom is an expansive topic. However, from Jesus Christ to Bob Marley to Tool, the theme stays the same:

It's about personal choices and we all have the right to make our own choices without being persecuted by people who have made different choices.

I think I'll be delving further into this in the future. Sometimes I wish I was still in college so I would have a legitimate reason for writing research papers on topics like this.

But for now, I haven't been able to get enough of this song. Jason and I have practically blown the speakers on every piece of audio equipment we have listening to it.


But of course, the only way to listen to Tool is LOUD.

(I especially like the growling lyrics at the end coupled with the insane double bass drum pounding out the angst.)

Check it out - "Hooker with a Penis" by Tool from Aenima album.

It's a genius little diddy about the pot calling the kettle black.

I met a boy wearing Vans, 501's, and a
Dope Beastie tee, nipple rings, new tattoos that claimed that he
Was OGT,
After '92,
From The first EP.

And in between
Sips of Coke
He told me that
He thought
We were sellin' out,
Layin' down,
Suckin' up
To the man.

Well now I've got some
A-dvice for you, little buddy.
Before you point the finger
You should know that
I'm the man,

And if I'm the man,
Then you're the man, and
He's the man as well so you can
Point that fuckin' finger up your ass.

All you know about me is what I've sold you,
Dumb fuck.
I sold out long before you ever heard my name.
I sold my soul to make a record,
Dip shit,
And you bought one.

So I've got some
Advice for you, little buddy.
Before you point your finger
You should know that
I'm the man,

If I'm the fuckin' man
Then you're the fuckin' man as well
So you can
Point that fuckin' finger up your ass.

All you know about me is what I've sold you,
Dumb fuck.
I sold out long before you ever heard my name.

I sold my soul to make a record,
Dip shit,
And you bought one.

All you read and
Wear or see and
Hear on TV
Is a product
Begging for your
Fatass dirty

So...Shut up and
Buy my new record
Send more money
Fuck you, buddy.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

Always was and always will be.

It was so good to see you last week.

Jason and I really enjoyed spending time with you.

Wish mom could have been here too. Next time for sure.

I forgot to take a picture of us together.

That's okay. I can close my eyes and see a million versions of you.

I've known you a long time.

You've known me my whole time.

I've known mom before my time.

We've grown up together, kinda.

In case you blinked...

They say little girls dream of marrying their fathers. I was no exception.

I'm so lucky to have found a man who lives up to the "Dad" standard after so many years of searching.

Now I know what all the searching was about.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Why create?

Why? Why create?

I ask myself this question quite often.

Most of the time the answer is for distraction or relaxation.

It's never been for money with me. Probably never will be.

Creating for money
The thing about "creating" for money, (well there are lots of things about "creating" for money, but I’ll just mention the main one for me) is the issue regarding return on investment.

It’s pretty simple. The return on investment (ROI) has to be equal to or greater than the investment.

For example, when I created the drunk trunk, I had to prep, paint, decoupage, and polyurethane the thing. It was at least 20 solid hours of craft work. Then include drying time for the paint and polyurethane -- 24 hours per coat of paint (2 coats) and 72 hours for polyurethane. Then there is time for touch-ups, final reassembly, hardware, etc.

Let's not forget to add the cost of materials -- trunk, paint, irreplaceable ephemera items, polyurethane, paint brushes, and the list goes on.

If I charged $10 an hour, I'd be at $200 just for the initial 20 hours of craft work. It's been listed for $150 on Etsy for almost 2 years now. I’m sure there are many reasons that it hasn’t sold. I’m also sure if it was much cheaper, it would increase the odds of selling.

But why would I want to do that? To save the world with cheap drunk trunks for all? I think not.

In this case, after adding up the dollars-per-hour and the material/overhead cost, it is clear that the ROI is nil on this creation.

But does that mean that I should not have created it? No.

The drunk trunk sits in the corner of the guest room and does its job just perfectly -- holding everything an overnight guest would need.

But how many drunk trunks can a person make for them self? Two was my limit.

So why? Why create?

To fill our own homes with trunks and paintings and knitted scarves? No, but that's where I'm at now.

To give away as gifts? Good idea -- in theory.

Creating for others
This is another thing about “creating.” Gifting a personalized original creation to an unsuspecting recipient is always awkward and usually borderline gut-wrenching for me.

I’ve given it up.

There is nothing worse than spending hours pouring over a handmade gift for a loved one -- the whole time thinking how this creation is perfect for the person and will be the COOLEST.THING.EVER. --  just to end up with no acknowledgment of the gesture at all.

I would rather hear, “What the fuck is this pile of shit!?!” than silence.

Silence is like a loaded gun.

I've gotten some of my best feedback on a painting from an eight-year-old. Kids are awesome because they don't associate guilt with honesty yet. There is no filter. It's refreshing. Now, everytime I look at that painting I see what she was talking about and want to make the change.

Initial reactions
So many times I've watched the look on people's faces as I show them my crafts and it's a pretty interesting observation in interpersonal communication.

Their faces will show the immediate first reaction - smile, grimace, confusion (this one is popular) and then almost immediately it's wiped away and replaced with a look of social anxiety. The anxiety of giving an opinion - committing one way or another. Feeling guilty that if their honesty doesn't please me, that I'll be upset.

But I won't be upset about how you feel about it, I'll be upset if you can't be bothered to feel anything about it.

My dad has a great non-committal way of showing interest. He looks, observes, acknowledges. He exclaims, "Neat!" and then throws a handful of roasted peanuts in his mouth and chomps away. (It's funny how the peanuts always magically appear at the perfect time.)

But this is fine with me because at least I can see that he took a moment of his life to look at mine and that means a lot.

So why? Why create?

Well, I had a breakthrough recently -- or at least I am closer to understanding why.

I was meditating the other day and I tried to pull up an image in my mind that represents the love that Jason and I have for each other. I couldn’t think of an existing image in my head to fully represent that love.

So then I started to create one in my head. The layers and lines laid themselves out and the color filled itself in.

I had to CREATE this image. I had to get it out. I had to see it in real life.

I looked through the arts and crafts materials I have on hand.

I chose my weapons and my medium -- water soluble oil pastel crayons, paint brush and 140lb watercolor paper.

I sat down. Time stood still.

I created the most beautiful thing I’ve ever made -- because it is beautiful to me.

And now every time I close my eyes, I can bring up this image and it makes me warm and happy. And that is the best ROI that I could ask for.

So why create?

I create to project my visions into the real world of things that make me feel good.

Maybe you'll enjoy it, maybe not.

That’s okay because it’s not for you, really, it’s for me.

And that's why I create.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dog's Life

jDog's Life
(written Spring 2005)

I wish I had a dog's life.
Not a care in the world.
No inhibitions.
No social fears or commitments.
No anxiety about money or life.
Just living to be loved.
Plain and simple.
A scratch on the head is good stuff to a dog and a scratch on the ass is what life is made of.
Always happy to see me.
Never mad at me for more than a second.
Never bringing up shit that hurts to think about.
Only trying to convey, without words, his unconditional love for me.
In return, I take care of him like I would my own child.
He has no worries - except maybe that I won't come back from the store.

What a simple life?
No puzzle here.

He lives to love, be loved and share life.
His purpose is simple - love all that surrounds him and enjoy a late Spring day in the park with me.
Even though I forgot the water - he won't hound me, he will only love me.

Will I ever be able to boil it down to such simplicity in my life?

Why must I complicate things so much?

Why is my brain so fucking hyper-active?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Haiku: Power outtage

Sitting in warm sunny spot
waiting for power
taking pictures of myself

Friday, October 15, 2010

Florence + The Machine

I can't take my eyes off of this amazing creature.

Her voice, her power, her fluidity, her individuality.


This is "Dog Days are Over" from their debut album Lungs - which I'm going to run out and buy right now!

Can't wait to hear what else is in Flo's Lungs.

Happy weekend!

Post Edit: Album acquired! I love it!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Pearl Jam - Just Breathe (unofficial video)

Please listen to this.

Yes I understand that every life must end, aw huh,..
As we sit alone, I know someday we must go, aw huh,..
I’m a lucky man to count on both hands the ones I love,..
Some folks just have one, others they got none, aw huh,..

Stay with me,..
Let’s just breathe.

Practiced are my sins, never gonna let me win, aw huh,..
Under everything, just another human being, aw huh,..
Yeh, I don’t wanna hurt, there’s so much in this world to make me bleed.

Stay with me,..
You’re all I see.

Did I say that I need you?
Did I say that I want you?
Oh, if I didn’t now I’m a fool you see,..
No one knows this more than me.
As I come clean.

I wonder everyday as I look upon your face, aw huh,..
Everything you gave and nothing you would take, aw huh,..
Nothing you would take,.. everything you gave.

Did I say that I need you?
Oh, Did I say that I want you?
Oh, if I didn’t now I’m a fool you see,..
No one know this more than me.
As I come clean.

Nothing you would take,.. everything you gave.
Hold me till I die,..
Meet you on the other side

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

NuArt and Old Goodbyes

With the end of Summer and the start of Fall, comes new beginnings and old goodbyes.

These are a few oil pastel drawings that I've done over the past few months. I really like using the oil pastel crayons because I can do a whole drawing in few hours rather than a few days with oil paint.

This one is called "The Big Goodbye."

Jason also posted a podcast called "The Big Goodbye" recently.

This was a dedication show for Waylon Jennings I put together back in March of 2002. I call it "Goodbye". All about that big goodbye. We are here and not, all at once. The dance around the black void of uncertainty which fuels us, pulls us into her. Having to say goodbye and go it alone into the unknown rules everything. It's the root of all our doings. So hello my friend, and my friend goodbye.
"Strawberry Fields Forever"

"The Princess's View from Her Bedroom"

It seems like this year has carried a central theme of patience for us.

We've been busy trying to quelch all the anxious thoughts running rampid in our brains with art and distraction. Simultaneously wishing that life would hurry up and unfold what it has in store for us, while noticing the blaring sirens of life passing us by at warp speed.

Making new art and revisiting old art has a way of completing the cycle for me. I can look back over the years and remember exactly what was going on in my life as the season changed and realize how much has stayed the same.

Mad Season has a song called "I'm Above" that I always think of as the seasons change because the lyrics are so true.

Life reveals what is dealt through seasons
Circle comes around each time
I've been blessed with eyes to see this
Behind the unwhole truth you hide
Bite to remind the bitten, bigger
Mouth repaying tenfold wide
My favorite line is "Bite to remind the bitten, bigger." It's so true, because it's easy for all of us to fall back into old habits and make the same mistakes again.

Here's to an uneventful Fall.

No alarms and no surprises, please.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Serenity frog

This is my serenity frog: Butch.

He's been at my desk for years. He's made of onyx and I rub the groove on his back when i get stressed.


You know the shit's getting rough when the frog is hiding!

Smart frog!

Back to work....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Down with OPB

Ever since we moved to the Pacific Northwest 2 years ago, Jason and I have noticed that Oregonians posses an uncanny frankness (borderline rude) and incredible curiosity (borderline invasion of privacy).

I was reading an article on today which was yakking on an on about Facebook being down for a few hours yesterday.

OMG!!!! OH NO!!!

A world without Facebook!?! What would that be like?

Well I think the OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) nailed it regarding what would happen without Facebook...

"Facebook down. Worker productivity rises. US climbs out of recession."

After thinking for a few minutes about the coinciding timelines of the growth of social media popularity and the recent recession, I think OPB may be on to something.

Well, back to work for me!
That's what my life without Facebook is like.

Pssssst. You should try it sometime.
It might help get rid of those voices in your head.

BTW - This is my 100th post and I'm an official Oregonian so I can say things like that!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lovin you is easy cuz you're beautiful

I sing that song to Clancy when we have our snuggle/play time, except I change it up:

"Lovin Pooh is easy cuz he's beautiful. La-dida-dida-ladida-dida!".

I sing it in a high voice, especially the la-dida part. It makes him totally crazy!

Here's some pics that make me smile of Jason and Clancy rolling around on the bed together.

My two favorite guys...

This past Labor Day weekend marks Clancy and my 10-year anniversary!

He's 11 1/2 years-old now, but I got him from my parents when he was only 1 1/2 years-old.

I can't believe we've been together for 10 years and all of the amazing adventures we've had together!

Life has a way of making everything okay and I really believe that this little white doggie has been my savior through my darkest hours.

Even in my worst dreams, he comes tripping along to save me right before the boogie-man gets me.

Now I have two saviors and less dark hours.

I love my guys!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Oregon Zoo

Jason and I went with our camping friends to the Oregon Zoo a few weekends ago.

It was okay, but I don't think we'll be going back.

The animals seemed extremely lethargic (it was only 75 degrees outside) and the exhibits were pretty small.

I mean just look at this guy!

Poor bear!

The other animals were acting the same way or trying to force their way out.

 This is the whole group of us on the train.
The train tickets actually had "animals not visible from train" printed on them.

L-R: Kylie, Grandma Debbie, April, Krissy, Sarah, Jason

We took quite a few pictures so here is a photo album to peruse at your leisure:

Oregon Zoo, it was nice to meet you, but I don't think we'll visiting again.

Next time we'll hit up OMSI!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Me and My Shadow

It is a beautiful day here in Sunny Portland!

Clancy and I went for a walk this morning and I got some really cool shadow pictures!

Since we are almost done with sunny days here (boo), that means we're almost done with shadows!

This is what Clancy would look like if he was a Scottie!

Walking the line!

Chatting with Shadow Clancy.

All three of us!

This is just a funny picture I took last night.

"Clancies in the window"

What is the plural of Clancy anyway?

Clancies (like candies)
Clancys (looks like a lost apostrophe to me)

Love you pooh doggy!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Beautiful By-Products of the Compost Heap

Baby's Breath flowers are growing wild in our yard!

It's mixed right in with the 2-foot dandelions!

You can see the compost heap behind that repurposed fence and bed frame.

Whenever I get a bouquet of flowers, I hang them and let them dry out. Then I snip off the dried flowers and keep those in shoe boxes. I discard the rest of the bouquet (leaves, stems, etc) into the compost heap.  

The wind must have caught the dry seeds at the right time and voila!

Baby's breath growing wild in my backyard -- sometimes I feel like I live in a dream world.

And it's a pretty nice place!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dance of the Dandelions

It's funny how there are things in our lives that we've always known and think of as absolute truths. Then something presents itself that makes us look closer and reconsider the concept of "absolute truth."

Exhibit A: Dandelions
Dandelions are present in some of my earliest memories. I remember running around, pulling the short little yellow flowers out of the ground and thrusting it under the chin to check butter levels (if your neck reflects yellow, you eat lots of butter). Okay, the butter test was never considered a truth to me, but the fact that the dandelions were always short and close to the ground was as inherent as breathing.

Now I see this.

Everyday in the summer from mid-morning to early afternoon, the dandelions stretch to the sun covering the entire yard in a yellow frenzy. We've let them get over 2 feet tall before!

If you would have told me about this two years ago, I would have laughed, "Dandelions don't grow like that!" But now, I guess I'll add that to the all-the-shit-I-thought-I-knew-but-really-had-no-idea-about list.

Funny how that list gets longer as I get older.

I really thought it would work the other way.

Add that one to the list, as well!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Space is the Place

I was just looking around me and thinking "Wow, I really love the space I'm in these days!"

So I thought you might like to take a little tour of the places and things I'm enjoying lately:

Sauvie Island Farm UPick

Mount St. Helens over the trees

The window seat for Clancy. Isn't he just too sweet!

My kitchen window -- full of tomatoes and a view of the garden they came from.

The nice, public tennis courts that we have made our regular tennis spot.

Wearing dorky all-white tennis shoes and spanking Jason everytime ;-)

Seeing Mount Hood as we drive through Portland.

Since I pretty much work from home full-time now, I've cleaned up, rearranged, and redecorated a my office/craftroom a little.
(This is actually pretty clean for me)

From the hallway door...

Looking out the window (I spend a lot of time doing that).

Sewing machines, diplomas, Jameson Irish Whiskey taster certificate, chinese calendar, stuff.

My work station (antique drop-leaf tables are so much nicer than cubicles!)

My forever-junky and filled-to-the-brim-with-shoes closet

Well, I hope you enjoyed a look at my space cuz it is the place (for me)!!