Saturday, May 02, 2009

Seeing ART

Walking to work in the rain last week.

Passing by the bank's flower bed, stopping to understand life through nature.

Seeing perfect yellow tulips with tall wispy leans and curves -- advancing and receding.

Being dragged down by the flood but bearing the burden with grace and beauty.

Gently bending and bowing under the weight of heavy droplets on shoulders, almost touching the ground -- low as low gets -- still maintaining kindness and courage.

Knowing its necessity for life, relinquishing to the leveling rain.

Nearly wiggling with excitement to feel it's life growing and releasing into our shared environment.

Exuding wisdom.

Beginning to see the imitation of life through nature. Heightening awareness and illusions becoming allusions.

Walking to to work the next day.

Desiring to see will overturn adversity. Wanting real beauty to supersede expected normalcy.

Witnessing the hand of time. Beauty gone without a trace and replaced.

Wondering if real beauty exists only to be overlooked or unrecognized. Art representing the confusion of life.

Making weary of expecting or anticipating, yet knowing it's a package deal.

Thinking this account counts the moment immortalized -- frozen in time.


Believing that the brief moments of realization and clarity are justification for enduring.

Hoping that impressions left are our reasons to write, paint, create.

Knowing that art is touching peoples' lives.

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