Thursday, May 28, 2009

Loving Farmers Markets

I have just been in love with the wonderful Spring weather we are having in Portland recently. The weekends and weekdays are beautiful, just alike.

In Portland, with Spring comes fabulous farmers markets. Everywhere. Every. Where.

Last week, I went to the downtown farmers market with my friend Kimberly from work.

We spent our lunch hour perusing the stands, eating world-famous tamales...

and buying plants. I bought a Hens & Chicks succulent and Kimberly bought a catnip plant for her kitty, Mr. Bigpants.

I also bought a GIANT pumpkin and chocolate chip cookie for my sweetie since he was stuck in his cubicle all day.

These farmers markets are so interesting and holistic. I feel very organic at these kinds of events. One with nature.

During the weekend these markets pop up all over the place. There was one a few miles from our house, so Jason and I went on our own little adventure Saturday. This one was at the City Park in Beaverton. It's the same park that we went to for "Pooches on the Green" in March with Clancy.

There were so many kids playing in the fountain.

There were tons of people and booths.

They even had a wonderful band called "Back Porch Revival" playing throughout the day. The instruments were absolutely gorgeous. After every song they did a sort of musical chairs with the instruments and they ended up all playing each others'. What amazing musicians!

We got some pickled asparagus, BBQ sandwiches, and a Japanese Maple (I am obsessed with these lately).

All in all, it was a fantastic excursion and I can't wait to go again! Maybe this weekend if I'm a lucky girl ;-)

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