Saturday, May 16, 2009

Audio Art

You may have noticed that my hobbies primarily lie in the visual arts, such as painting and photography and I've shown many examples on this blog.

Well, Jason's preferred mode of artistic expression is through sound -- audio experiments. He thoroughly enjoys mixing, manipulating and mashing up audio pieces. And he does it really well.

He's got that natural ear for weird stuff. When we first met, his audio compilations were excellent music mixed with static, squealling, icebergs cracking and loops that made me a bit on the insane side, but he was experimenting and hearing everything in everything. That's how he got to where he is now.

People have been asking what is JaSar's Podcast? Since the audio arena is Jason's domain, I deferred to him to answer this question. Here's what he has to say.

These audio shows, although different in theme, content and feel, are all pretty much constructed the same way.

I select the material, such as audio bits from television, radio, personal recordings, movie dialogue, scores, music (live and recorded), readings from chosen text (others as well as mine), to elicit a change in perception through a sort of disruption of the normal routine -- with great music and quality material carefully chosen.

Application and placement is where it gets tricky for me, but it is also where the little happy accidents take place. I usually have an idea of a starting point with a solid grasp of what will be the thread or feel, which ends up changing through the progression of the show. Like things tend to do.

There I get into a groove which then clues me into what will be the next bit of material to mix in.

All of the shows posted up to now were produced and engineered at the, station in Los Angeles, California on the corner of Beverly and Vermont.

Killradio provided a perfect environment for free expression and decent equipment. It was old and worn out, but that’s when you get really creative and use the static and popping sounds coming from the connections or the speakers.

I use a variety of equipment to achieve the desired effect. There were two turntables, four tape decks, two recordable cd player/burners, a dvd player, a line into a separate computer and 4 mics. We would bring instruments of our own, extra portable mp3 players and my digital recorder with conversations, thoughts and environment recordings from the week prior to the show.

The gathering stage.

We would feed all of this into two Mackie boards where we could mix it down and even create endless loops. Sometimes Sarah and I would do specialty shows, such as The Cleetus and Adell Show in 5 parts. We will create characters, perform readings and sometimes have a gathering of musicians and artists of all types to come join in.

My real education in music/audio really began with producing shows on killradio. I started at kill in early 2001 and did a show called The Groove Jet through 2002, and then in 2006 did a show called The Next Step through 2007. Good times.

Now that we live in Portland, Oregon (and don't have access to a studio), we have begun accumulating our own equipment and will soon have brand new shows to post. We'll be sure to specify which shows are produced in our home studio or were done at the killradio station.

Now that you kow how I started doing podcasts and why I love it. I'll leave you with this...

You can, as the listener, choose to tune in here and there as you vibrate through a couple hours of your day with great music or you can listen closely to find the ideas that punch through those walls and get into your brain.

It's up to you.

JaSar's Podcast

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