Monday, April 27, 2009

April has been a crazy month!

I realized that I haven't done a new post in almost a month!

But as John Lennon said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

I do apologize for my negligence in this matter and will work to resolve this issue going forward. Gawd, you can hear the submission in my words. Blech! I feel like I have been on scared-for-my-job-work-horse-autopilot all month. Instead of going into whiny, moaning details about my month, I thought I would just do a quick picture-point recap of it. It's not all yuck stuff, so I'll try to keep it light.

First — The RIF (Reduction in Force) — my company, more specifically my department, had a 15% reduction in force nationwide earlier this month.

Luckily, I was the third chicken in line and got to keep my job. Shew! What a relief!

Then, there was the reallocation of workload amongst the "lucky ones" and my life started to feel like this.

When I got it all straightened out and started to make a work computer retaliated with this...

Nothing like getting the "blue screen of death" and then having the help desk tell me, "you just have to wait for it to die, there is nothing we can do" to instill PANIC.

So I worked feverishly for weeks to make a dent in the crazy amount of work I had on my plate.

And I prayed to the technology gods that this wouldn't happen right before the deadline.

My trusty work computer got me through the storm and then when I could see the light, the home computer decided it had had enough and self-destructed.

But as luck would have it, our tax refund showed up just in time to save the day.

So we got a new computer and other much-needed amenities. My favorite of all, is the gardening equipment and vegetable starts that we got so we could put in the garden before the work ramps up again.

Here is a before and after picture of the garden box.

We put in tomatoes, peppers, spices, and brussel sprouts. Mmmmmmm.

Now that you are up to speed on why the long gap between posts, I promise the next one will be creative.

Oh wait, there was one major creative push this month. I had my very first professional replication made of one of my oil paintings!

I sent out little postcards of my painting "Big City Lights" to almost everyone I know for Christmas and also just as cards to say "Hi."

My Aunt expressed interest in having a full size print of the painting, so I took the opportunity to experiment with Giclee prints. I plan on describing the process in my next post, but for now I can give you a sneak peak at the end product.

I think it turned out FABULOUSLY and I can't wait to go into more specifics. Jason and I even made the box for it. My Aunt was so impressed she thought the print was the original. Total success! More to come on that soon!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Missing Book

So I was going to re-read (seems like I'm doing a lot of re-reading these days) one of my favorite books, "Nobody's Wife" by Joan Haverty Kerouac...

and I CAN'T FIND IT!!!

I'm pretty sure that it made it in the move to Portland from LA. I organized my books when we unpacked and I know I would've noticed a Void between Jack's books and Jan's books (I like to keep my Beat families together :-)

So I was wondering...did I let any of you borrow it?

Maybe I just forgot.

Not many people (these days) get that deep into the Beats, so I think I would have remembered talking to the person that even cared about Joan's life as the short-term wife of Jack and mother of Jan Kerouac enough to borrow it.

I usually remember who has what.

Kimberly has Nacho Libre...

Krissy and Katie have "No Woman, No Cry" by Rita Marley...

BENNETT: Do you have it? You're the only other Beat fanatic I know that might be interested. But I don't think you do because I shook you down for my "The First Third" by Neal Cassady before we left LA and I would've gotten it then.

So, I'm not quite sure what happened to Joan?

It's weird how a missing book is like a missing child. I can't stop looking at the bookshelf where she is suppose to be and wondering when she will be back.

I know I can always get another one, but I make lots of notes in books and underline stuff when I read them, so I'd like to have my original one back, if possible.

If anyone has a clue, let me know.

Joan, I miss you! Come home soon.

PS: Tomorrow, April 2, is Clancy's 10th birthday! I can't believe my little-big-head is growing up. It seems like only yesterday that he came into my life and changed it forever.

So stop by his blog at and say happy birthday to our bestest buddy and unconditional lover, Clancy.