Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fruit of the Hat Loom

As I mentioned in this earlier post, a friend of mine told me about this great hat loom. It only took one afternoon to create this hat!

I made it for Jason to wear while he's riding our new bike -- Ike the bike. When I was making the hat, I kept asking, "Is this long enough?" and he kept saying, "Just a little bit longer. I want it to look obviously exaggerated, completely handmade." Finally, I decided to just do the whole role of yarn (1 skein).

Jason did a couple of rows and we had tons of fun trying it on along the way.

I cut up the little wallet and made a rasta tassel, but when I pinned it on to the hat, it looked like something that would end up getting Jason beat up at the park, so we left it off.

(Life's tough enough, no need to sew a magenta and purple tassel on top of it, right?)

So no tassel, just a decrepit red novelty button that reads "One of a kind!" It's sure to fall off on the first turbulent bike ride, but it serves the purpose until we can find something else to put on the hats.

I see much more hat making in the future. You better watch out or you may end up with a gigantic hat, courtesy of JaSar!

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Jo said...

That is one great hat! I love it!