Saturday, February 21, 2009

Marching Right Along

First March in Portland like our first March in Los Angeles together, when this show was created. "Desperate Living" is just what it says it is and on many levels. Living desperately yet still celebrating life. This show as with the others, although different in theme, content, feel are all pretty much constructed the same way. I select the material, such as audio bits from television, radio, personal recordings, movie dialogue, scores, music, (live and recorded), readings from chosen text, (others as well as mine), to elicit a change in perception through a sort of disruption of the normal routine. With great music and quality material carefully chosen though. Application and placement is where it gets tricky for me, but it is also where the nice little happy accidents take place. I usually have an idea of a starting point with a solid grasp of what will be the thread or the feel, which ends up changing anyway through the progression of the show. Like things tend to do. I get into a groove which then clues me into what will be the next bit of material to mix in. You can, as the listener, choose to listen here and there as you vibrate through a couple hours of your day with great music or listen closely to find the ideas I use to punch through those walls and get into your brain. It's up to you. Hear it is!

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Hannah said...

sarah - thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog. your podcasts are awesome.