Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ode to Clancy

Since this blog is all about chronicling our creative processes and inspirations, I'd like to mention my greatest muse -- Clancy.

I think we can all agree that our furry friends can sometimes be our greatest inspirations. Not only with art, but with our every day living. They are unconditionally supportive and forever entertaining. This is definitely the case with our little white pooh dog, Clancy. He sleeps and sleeps...and sleeps some more, but if ever he senses sadness or distress, he's right there to lick your tears or give you a loving nudge with that gigantic truffle-black nose.

This dog is more worldly than most people I know. He's lived in 6 states, crossed the country 3 times and played in all the oceans that touch the U.S.

He's been through so much with me over the last 8 years (and with Jason for the last 4) that sometimes I feel like he is a little white angel watching over us.

I love this guy so much that I wanted to immortalize him, so one of the first paintings I did was a portrait of Clancy.

As you may have noticed, portraits aren't really my thing. But if ever a subject to paint a portrait of, he's it. (I don't think I was too far off the mark.)

And as much as we love Clancy, he loves his hippos. He's had the same 5 stuffed hippos since he was just a puppy and goes around counting them all the time to make sure he has all his "babies."

So dearest Clancy -- our friend, protector, and confidante -- we love you and thank you for always loving us (even when we aren't so lovable). You truly demonstrate the meaning of unconditional love and are an inspiration to us all.

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