Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Growing!

I am still practicing my knitting and now the project is GROWING! It's so cool to see something start to appear after only a few rows. I've decided to practice with one whole skein of yarn and then tackle a real project. I have been teaching myself decreases, because I think I inadvertently added some increases?! All of a sudden I realized that my project was getting wider than the needles it was on. If I kept up at the pace I was going, I would have been off the needles after a couple of more passes. This may not make sense and it may not even be the case (inadvertently adding stitches) but since I don't have anyone to look at it and tell me, I will stick to my hypothesis :-)

Here's what I've done so far...

What's the easiest first project? Scarf, hot pad?

I'd like to do something super cool, but I'd also like it to look nice and be something that I could give to a friend or wear myself. Suggestions are welcome! (And any additional ideas about how I accidentally added stitches would be appreciated.)

Now, off to the "beach" -- it's kinda weird to be heading to the beach when it's SNOWING outside. I guess that's why Oregonians refer to it as the "ocean" here and not the "beach."

Stay tuned!

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Diana Leilani said...

It may be a gauge issue rather than a matter of adding extra stiches by accident. If your knitting isn't even it can get larger and smaller depended on how tightly or not that you are knitting.